~ Alkoholentwöhnung - Burnout überwinden ~ .............Regeneration auf Mallorca .............

Vida Libre
(Free Life)

We support you with our holistic approach on your way to a more satisfied and independent life.

We accompany you and assist you professionally and individually, and we are committed to making you feel comfortable right from the start.

Our clients come to us to:

- learn to live an alcohol-free life and to enjoy it

- to overcome stress and find tranquillity

- to get over a burn out and to achieve a work-life-


In our house we have only three guests at the same time!

Dr. phil. Coletta Damm

After a detailed anamnesis, I will work out with you an individual way for you to free yourself from the invisible bonds of addiction an to regain your ability to make free choices.
Essential parts of my work, besides adequate strategies for your every day life are an individual search for meaning and a new self-consciousness without the effects of alcohol.

Health care
Rebecca Erb

As your nurse I am on your side. Together with you and our doctor we will elaborate an individual plan for your physical well being.
Especially during the first days of your stay with us, I will be taking care of you and I will be available at any time.

Fitness and Relaxation
Linda Lodova, Rebecca Erb, Claudia Giesselmann

In our days fitness has become a synonym for wellness of the body and mind and soul. For my work with our clients I focus on techniques which are easy to learn and suitable for beginners as well as far advanced:

Medical Care
Dr. med. 

At the beginning of your stay at Vida Libre you will get a medical check-up:

- detailed anamnesis
- complete physical check-up
- blood analysis
- prescription of medicine if necessary

We offer you a balanced medical therapy including naturopathic and orthomolecular medicine.

Take your chance to recover physically and psychologically during your stay with us and enjoy your time here in Mallorca at Vida Libre!

Many of our guests speak English, if you would like, you can talk to a client who stayed here with us.

Please send us an email or call us! (Please go to "Kontakt" on the left bar) You will get the whole English Version by email as soon as possible.